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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Look up some of the most frequently asked questions about trip to Ladakh in India. We have compiled some of the most useful questions along with their answers.

How to Reach Leh by Air ?
Leh is connected by flight service that comes in to the airport from Delhi. Flights are also available to Leh from Srinagar and Jammu. The airport is located 5kms from town.
From the airport one can take a bus or shared jeep-taxis into the town. the flights are at best erratic and depend on the weather conditions prevailing in Leh and flights can get cancelled at short notice. Book your flight well in advance as flights get full very fast and it may not be possible to get a seat at the last minute.

How to Reach Leh by Rail ?
There is no train service to Leh. Get to Jammu and from there you can take bus or shared Taxi to Leh Via Srinagar & Kargil . Alternatively you could come to Chandigarh by Train and reach leh via Manali by Road

How to Reach Leh by Road?
Leh is connected by two major highway routes, one to Manali and the other to Srinagar. Both traverse treacherous mountain routes and high passes, many times getting blocked due to landslides.The Leh-Srinagar road runs close to the border with Pakistan and is often blocked by the army. The road connection to Leh is open only in the summer months from mid-June till end of September.You can do the route either by private cars and jeeps or by the tourist buses that run from Manali & Srinagar . Buses come in to the town bus stand, close to the main bazaar and most of the hotels.

How does one Getting Around Leh?
Travel within Leh City is best done on foot. Distances are short and you get an opportunity to absorb the environment , Local Taxi’s are also available . For excursions, local buses are available, though quite rickety. Bikes can be hired for moving around. Mountain Bikes are also rented out for exploring the nearby areas.
Tourist taxis and jeeps can be hired. There are fixed rates, which can come down by about 40% during the off-season. All rented cars and jeeps come with drivers. Self-driven vehicles are not available. One Cannot Use Taxi’s Hired outside leh in the region .

What can I expect the climate & weather to be like in the Ladakh?
The summer weather is dry and pleasant. Temperature ranges are from 3 to 35 °C in summer and minimums range from -20 to -35 °C in winter.: For current Weather Information Click here :

When is a good time to visit the Ladakh?
The best time to visit Leh is between May and September, when the weather is the warmest. Ladakh doesn't experience rain like elsewhere in India, so the monsoon season is the perfect time to travel to Leh.

What do most people do when they visit the Ladakh?
What you do while in the Ladakh completely depends on what interests you. Most travellers spend a day or 2 in Leh visiting nearby sights and tourist attractions and then head towards Nubra , Then Return to Leh for a night before proceeding to Pangong . If your holiday is just about relaxation and spending time in nature’s lap then we would recommend you consider not moving every day , but giving yourself some free days.

Travellers looking for a bit more exploration also visit places like Tso Moriri . Please note however that facilities on these Locations ( Pangong , Nubra & TsoMoriri ) are much more basic than those in Leh. There is never a dull moment in the Ladakh and you can be rest assured once you return from the region you will be in awe of this place and its people throughout your life . To view places of importance in and around Ladakh

Do I need a visa/ Restricted Area Permit to enter regions in Ladakh?
No special permit is required to visit most of Ladakh, including Leh and Kargil towns. Permits are required for foreign tourists to visit the "Inner Line" areas, i.e. Nubra Valley; Panggong Lake and the Durbuk Block that it lies in (i.e. north of the Changla Pass); Tso-Moriri and Tsokar Lakes and the area along the Indus River east of Upshi; and Dha-hanu and the area along the Indus River northwest of Khalatse. These permits are available in Leh town and do not need to be acquired while applying for an Indian visa. Foreigners must get their permits through a travel agent while Indians can get the permit through Local Travel Agents . ·
All Tourist are suggested to carry a few set of Passport Photos and a Govt. Issued Photo Id ( Wiith clear Address – No PAN Cards )

What can I do in Leh City?
Leh’s Buddhist monasteries and historical monuments are the biggest draw for visitors. The most imposing of these is the Shanti Stupa, located just outside the town. In the heart of the town, on top of a steep mountain, the 800 year old Kali Mandir houses a fascinating collection of masks.

You can stop to spin a huge prayer wheel on your way there. The 17th century Leh Palace, built in traditional Tibetan style, offers a captivating view of town. Southeast of Leh, Thiksey Monastery is the place for seeing amazing sunsets. The Hemis Monastery is the wealthiest, oldest, and most important monastery in Ladakh. Find out more about these : Places

What is the food like in the Leh?
North Indian, South Indian, Vegetarian, Continental, and Chinese dishes are available at all restaurants here. Since the Ladakh Region gets a lot of internatonal Tourist it is not uncommon to get veriety of international dishes in most Major Resturants .
There are also many bakeries in Ladakh where you can buy freshly baked bread and enjoy eating it with locally made Apricot Jam.
In Pangong and Nubra the choices are not as great however basic Indian Cuisines and Local Dishes are easily available , however Non Veg is not available with ease at these places .

How expensive are meals in Ladakh?
The price of a meal depends entirely on where you eat and what you order. A nice quaint restaurant will cost you between Rs.300 to Rs.500 per person depending on what is ordered. Eating at the smaller eateries in the market will be much cheaper and you will find a number of small eateries run by locals that work out easy on the pocket.

What is Local Cuisine of Ladakh ?
Ladakh's Himalayan ecosystem has led to the development of a distinctive agricultural economy and lifestyle. Many of the local people of Ladakh practice farming and the produce of their fields is made into the delicious dishes of Ladakhi cuisine. Vegetables such as potatoes, pumpkins, beetroots, and beans are cooked in a variety of different ways and accompany meat dishes. Mutton and chicken are the commonly consumed types of meat in Ladakh.

The staple food of Ladakhi people are Sku and Thukpa (made of wheat flour), Pava (made of sattu) and khambir (local bread). Tourists in Ladakh can try local Ladakhi food, which is nourishing and usually mildly flavored. Favorites include Thukpa, a thick soup with vegetables that provides a complete meal and delicious Momos or steamed dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetables, accompanied by a fiery chili sauce.

What festivals do the local population celebrate?
Festivals in Ladakh region have a inherent social impact. They provide opportunities for the people to interact and to enjoy. . Most of the festivals are held in winter but some popular festival take place in summer too. Lamas dressed in colorful robes and masks perform dance dramas and mimes that often symbolize the victory of the good over evil and other aspects of the religion.

Is there an ATM at Leh , Nubra & Pangong ,Can we use Credit Cards ?
Credit cards are accepted by very few hotels and tour operators but there will be 2% service charge. The Jammu and Kashmir Bank, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and Punjab National Bank have placed ATM Machine in main Leh city. ATMS are not available outside Leh City .

Is there anything special to buy in the Ladakh?
Shopping in Leh is an experience in itself as the main bazaar gets full with souvenir shops and boutiques during peak tourist season. Though mostly selling Ladakhi and Tibetan handicrafts, the shops are largely owned by Kashmiri traders. There is also a cluster of shops in Leh that sell carpets, handicrafts, and curios from the Kashmir valley.

Most shops are highly priced and a lot of bargaining is called for. The local Ladakhi traders ask more reasonable prices. Souvenirs on sale include local household items like the tea and chang vessels, cups, butter churns, knitted carpets with Tibetan design, jewellery, semi-precious stones like turquoise, coral, prayer flags, musical instruments, and dance masks. You can also shop for Ladakhi traditional dresses, including the exquisite and expensive pirakh (women’s headdress) in addition to Kashmiri shawls.

Adventure & Activity:

Can I rent a bicycle, motorbike or a car in Ladakh?
2 Wheelers are available on Rent in Leh , However it is recommended that unless you are a seasoned Biker you do not venture out of the city of Leh with these Rented bikes as a breakdown outside the city will mean a lot of time before help can come to you .

What is AMS ?
Acute mountain sickness can occur to any one at an altitude above 10,000 ft. above sea level, therefore, make it sure to take complete rest on the day of arrival and get you acclimatized.
To counter, please drink as well as carry plenty of water. It is advisable to carry Diomax and Disprin as a backup. Offcourse Seak to your Doctor before taking any medications .
Alcohol and tobacco should be completely avoided,

Can we Visit Ladakh with Kids?
The mesmerizing Leh can be inhospitable for kids and tourists should be wary of all the conditions that they need to take care of before planning a trip with kids. It is advisable for tourists to not take children below the age of 5 years, as they may face acclimatization issues.

What do I do in case of a medical emergency?
Most Places have a Primary Health Centre (PHC); however services here can be limited and poor. Leh However has fully functional Hospitals . Due to the vast presence of the Army in the region , access to Military Health Care system is also possible in case of any emergency .

Fantastic trip. Very helpful staff. Ease of Payment. On time service up to expectations. Suggestion: should have advised us and made suggestions regarding the trip to Nubra and Pangong . Will refer you to friends
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